The Basics of College Counseling


Good College Counseling requires a healthy and appropriate relationship with the student and family. If a student/family doesn’t feel genuinely cared for, the success of any college counseling work will be limited.


Good College Counseling requires a College Counselor that is knowledgeable about higher education, admissions practices, financial aid for college, and the unique opportunities of specific universities.

A Good College Counselor must be a committed student, one fully engaged in the ever changing world of higher education.


A Good College Counselor needs to successfully walk students through their senior year. These dates are not set in stone, but are helpful milestones as you work with students;

  1. August 1st – List of colleges should be complete (safety, reach, target)
  2. August 1st – Begin Common App
  3. October 1st – New FAFSA Date
  4. October 15th – First EA Deadlines
  5. November 1st – Most Common ED/EA Date
  6. December 15th – Students begin to hear back
  7. May 1st – Decision Deadline